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You can edit, publish, unpublish (hide) and delete pages. You can also change a page from one template to another as needed.
New pages

If your program or department wants to add content (new pages) to one of our websites, please follow these steps. 

1Contact the communications manager

of your program to request a new page or pages (Contact)

2With your communications manager, 

discuss and agree where your content fits into the structure of your program's website, and which page template(s) would suit your content (Template Examples & Tips)

3Develop your content

(bring it to final draft stage) offline (Create Good Content)

4Identify a content owner and editor

for the new page or pages (Roles & Responsibilities)

5Take the required training

Take the required training and request editing access to the page or pages (Training & Permissions)

6Ask the communications manager

to request the new page or pages from Webhelp

7WebHelp creates the new page

or pages and gives the editor access

8Upload the content 

to the new page or pages (How-Tos)

9Submit the page

or pages to the content owner for approval

10Publish the new page or pages


A complex technical issue has arisen around adding pages.

Although creating (adding) a page is part of the training, we ask that you do not try to add a page yourself. If you need to add a page, please contact Webhelp. For a description of how this issue can impact your editing, please see Troubleshooting at the end of the Page editing tab.

Page editing

Warning – editing pages

Before you edit a page, check the url. 

An editable page url displays the editing site root, then the channel, then the section, then the page, separated by slashes, for example: 


If the url displays the word "pages" or "site" or has capital letters, or an .aspx extension, for example: 


it is not an editable page, and altering it will break the site. 

Demo: Adding a page

 Content Editor ‭[2]‬


Demo: Saving, checking in & publishing a page

 Content Editor ‭[3]‬


Editing a page

Demo: Editing a page

 Content Editor ‭[4]‬


Unpublishing & deleting a page

Demo: Unpublishing & deleting a page

 Content Editor ‭[5]‬



  • If the URL that displays underneath the “Give it a name” field in the Add a page popup box is not the correct URL for your page (it should display the editing site root, then the channel, then the section, then the page, separated by slashes, for example:, the page will be added to the wrong place in the site. Contact the webteam
  • If you can't find a page you just added, you might have added it to the wrong level of the site. Contact the webteam
  • If you get an "Authentication required" pop-up box when you access a page or click on a link there is a problem with the item "behind the scenes." Contact the webteam
  • If you are unable to access a page, it may be for one of these reasons:
    • you do not have permission to edit the page – contact Webhelp
    • someone else has the page checked out – select Show Ribbon and contact the person who has the page checked out.

Templates help to organize page content and keep the look of the website consistent, improving the visitor experience. 

Certain templates will only be available for specific sections of the website. If you have a need for a template that is not available for your section, or have an idea for a new template that could be used to better organize content, please contact the Communications team via

Changing templates

Commonly used templates

Here are what each of the commonly used templates looks like when in editing mode. For examples of live pages in each template, see the menu in Template Examples & Tips

Templates available on request

Templates generated automatically


Changing the template can affect the content of your page, particularly if you change from a complex template (for example Basic Plus) to a simpler template (for example Basic Template). For help, see Troubleshooting in How-Tos > Tabs

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