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Videos greatly enhance a website visitor’s experience – if they are professionally created and provide value rather than clutter.

What does a video look like?

  • A video link looks like a regular external link. When the link is clicked, the website where the video is hosted will open.
  • An embedded video displays the first screen of the video, with the name of the video as well as a selection of icons along the top of the screen. The visitor clicks on the image to start the video.

Example of a video link

For a good overview of working at PHSA, see the video Passion: A Day in the Life of PHSA.

Example of an embedded video


How do you decide whether to link to a video or embed a video? There are no hard-and-fast rules, but here are a few things to think about.

You might want to use a link if:

  • you are including several videos, because a list of links will take up much less space on the page than a string of video images
  • you can't get the embed code for some reason
  • you don't want the video to start playing on your page
  • you don't own the video

Why use a video?

If you have live-action or other dynamic content, you might want to produce a video and present it on your webpage. (See the Producing videos tab for more information as well as best practice guidance for video production.)

The kinds of content that work best in videos are:

  • a patient interview or story
  • a presentation or seminar by a health professional on a particular topic
  • a demonstration of how to do something

Best practice

To follow PHSA best practice for videos:

  • only put up a video that is an exemplification of your topic 
  • embed the video in the main page or tab content area, not in a sidebar or in the summary or short page content areas
  • if the video is not your own include the source, to follow copyright rules
  • if you have more than a couple of videos, put the videos in a gallery template

Professional video production

It is best to have your video produced by a professional.

If you have funding, you can book photographers from Media & Production Services:

Both departments can also recommend external photographers and videographers if needed.

PHSA also has approved vendors:

  • Photography: Chuck Russell Photography, 604-250-3774,
  • Video: Oh Boy Productions


There is an approvals process for producing a video.

Please see the Videos page on POD (requires network login) for more information, including questions to ask before you start production as well as video production tips.

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