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Feature Boxes

A feature box is a web part that can have text and a button or a list of links. The box appears in the right side of the webpage. (On a mobile device, the box appears at the end of the webpage.)

What does a feature box look like?

A feature box has a coloured bar at its top. There are two kinds of web parts used to feature content:

  • content editor web part – used to display short amounts of text (such as contact information), a title for a list of links following it, a button or a photo
  • summary links web part – used to display a list of links
In this illustration, there are actually three web parts used to present all the content in the margin:
  • two content editor web parts – one has the contact us information (heading and text) and the button, the other has the heading for the list of links
  • one summary links web part – has the two links


If you want to highlight short, important content related to the topic, use a feature box. You will need to add a web part, and then populate it with content. 

The kinds of content that work best in feature boxes are:

  • Very short bits of content
  • Contact information, clinic or office open hours
  • "Calls to action" such as links to forms to fill out and submit 
  • Links to related documents
  • Links to internal pages or related external websites

Best practice

To follow PHSA style for feature boxes:

  • Keep the number of feature boxes to three per page; the sidebar should not be longer on the screen than the main page content. 
  • Put lists of related documents and links in a link list format in the sidebar. You can add a short description above the links if needed.
  • Give feature boxes of links a heading (use Heading 5 style)
  • In a basic plus template page (a page with three tabs) the sidebar is visible regardless of which tab is open.
  • If you have more than one link, use the Summary links web part to create a links list
  • If you have an action associated with a feature box, such as visiting another website or page, use a link or a button. Use a button instead of a link list if there is only one action and it is a primary action on the page.
  • If you need to include text in the feature box, keep it quite short.

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