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How to draft PHSA web content

Creating new pages or substantially revising old pages? Here are tips to help you develop content. 

What do we mean by the term “web content”?  

Most PHSA web content is text that we type into web pages. You can also include:  

Your work as a PHSA web editor does not require you to “design” web pages. All PHSA web pages use a template. Our intranet POD has one main template with some style elements. The uniform look and experience make it easier for users to complete tasks like find the navigation menu.  

Step #1: understand your users and their needs  

Web pages are for people doing tasks or looking for information. The more you know your users, the better you are able to create content for them.  

The first step is to list the key groups of people visiting your page and their information needs. We have more details on this process on our webpage create web content with goals.  

Does your page template require certain information?  

Some of our page templates require specific information in a certain order. For example, our clinic template typically has two required tabs and a third optional tab.  

  • The first tab “About” must describe the services your clinic provides and the types of patients that you serve.  
  • The second tab “Prepare” must provide information on how patients can prepare for their visit.  

Our team will let you know if your page template requires certain information.  

Step #2: draft your content in Word  

You may find it easier to create a first draft in Microsoft Word, edit it, and then upload the final draft into SharePoint. If you want the same visual style as the web page, you can copy and paste the font styles of the web page into the Word document.  

One way to create a first draft of your content is to:   

  1. List all the information your users need from most important to least important. If your template requires information in a specific order, use that as a guide instead.  
  2. Type out answers to the information needs of your users. At this stage, don’t worry about grammar or style. 
  3. Once you’ve finished your first draft, take a break if possible. 

Step 3: edit your draft  

Re-examine and refine your content. You can:    

After you are done, send it to anyone in your team who needs to review the information. It could be the page owner, your manager or subject matter experts.  

Step 4: email  

After your team’s review, email the document to We will work with you to ensure that the content meets PHSA web standards or see if it requires advanced web tools.  

We may remove unnecessary content, and ask your team to find other channels such as newsletters, email, shared drive, or social media.  

To quote the UK Government Digital Service, “Publish only what someone needs to know so they can complete their task. Nothing more.”  

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