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A document is a discrete content item with its own layout and design, usually intended to be downloaded or printed. 

What does a document look like?

A document, when opened, looks like an image of printed material, sitting on a webpage.

PDF open in a browser

Why use a document?

When you have material that is designed to be printed, perhaps because it needs a layout that is different from your web page, you can create a document for that content, and link to it from your webpage.

The kinds of content that that work best in documents are:

  • Content that is related to the topic of your webpage but that needs its own layout, for example, a patient handout, a guidebook, a factsheet.
  • Content that is designed to be handed out, such as a patient information sheet for a clinic.
  • Content that needs be used as a print document, for example, a referral form that a doctor or nurse fills out during a patient visit.

Best practice

  • Make sure any critical information about the topic is on the web page, not only in a document.
  • Make sure your document and web page complement each other.
  • Make sure the content of your web page and document are consistent, for example, if you update a staff list on your web page, update your document as well.
  • Keep only current documents in your document library; be sure to delete out-of-date versions. If you don't removed old documents, they could still be found through search.

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