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You can upload a document to a SharePoint document library and then link to it from your page while you are editing, in one series of steps. You can also replace a document.

Add a document

Demo: Adding a document


Replace a document

Sometimes you need to replace an out-of-date document with an updated version of the same document. You can upload a new version of your document to Sharepoint and link to it in one series of steps. 

Best practice

  • Links to documents (and the documents themselves) have descriptive titles and don’t include a file extension (in the demo file, the document filename becomes the link; this should be changed to a proper title with no file extension) 
  • Tag your document with type of resource and audience it is intended for
  • Documents open in a new window
  • The description field for a document in the editing ribbon is filled out
  • Out-of-date documents have been deleted from the document library (so they won't be found in a search)

Uploading & linking to a document

Ideally, you would upload a document to appear in only one place on your webpage, in the right margin, in a web part called Related documents or something else descriptive. 

However, if you think your visitor might not see the document in the right margin, you can upload it in the main content area as well. Remember that if you do this you need to maintain both links: if you replace the document with an updated version, you must replace it in both places.

If you don't own the document

Link to pages on our site or other sites instead of uploading a copy of someone else's document. This avoids possible duplicate versions on the site and avoids outdated versions of the file.

BC Centre for Disease Control website

On this website, all documents go into a single document library: the Resource Gallery. This is because various pages on the site dynamically pull in documents from the Resource Gallery and display them on the page. 

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